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Defined North Americans League (sticky) written by PunjabiSINGH, 2011-04-15 02:28 CEST (1 comments)

You will have to use the following server config for the cup:
ESL Winter Cup (Edited) [mediafire.com]

One player anywhere from the globe is allowed in 5on5 & 3on3

-One player from each team must idle #Desi-Bros @ Quakenet
-Slac mandatory
-One merc allowed that has to be NA/SA unless if you have all 5 NA/SA players
-ESL/CB banned players not allowed to participate
-Cheaters found in a team, the team will be automatically disqualified
-Team that doesn't show in 15 minutes, opponent gets a forfeit win
-All matches must be ETTV
-No bugs or glitches allowed
-One spectator allowed per team if both team agrees
-Side only allowed in 5on5 in all maps


-Supply Depot


SingH (vpsidhu)
Jeep (rana01)
Tomun (tomun)
Sandhu (purshinder)
Parker (defectinfidel)

#Desi-Bros @ Quakenet
Thank you Infinity-Gaming for providing servers!
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